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A splash page is a page that precedes any page on your website. The purpose of the splash page varies: You can promote a new offer, show a disclaimer, or a warning depending on the industry or niche your business operates in.

Whenever we go surfing on the internet, we find many pages called splash pages on the internet.  Splash pages are introductory pages to a web site.

A splash page is also known as a main entry page housing a graphic image and link for visitors to enter a web site.

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Some company’s use only splash pages as their primary website.

The splash page design involved in the splash page will be one that is very attractive to the eye of the viewer. Its main intention lies in captivating the viewer the moment he looks at it. It can be a stationary design or an animated design, which in turn makes it more interesting to look at!

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Splash pages are also great ways to show off the best work you can produce, and thus also act as a portfolio of your work and work capacity for potential employers. As the splash page states the technical requirements required for their particular website, it allows the reader to choose, prior to visiting the site, the technology that best fits them and their computers. It is also a great means of using your server logs to get the complete breakdown of the actual number of customers to the website.

The cons to splash pages are not that many or major. It is only that some readers do not like splash pages as it prevents them from entering the website immediately, and thus may leave the site upon seeing the splash page. Splash pages also tend to break search engines as most splash pages have a redirect. It should be remembered that splash pages cannot be used for sending emails to a third party. As it can be seen, the pros of a splash page heavily outweigh the cons of a splash page. It all lies down on how one accepts a splash page on seeing it! Remember, splash pages are fun to build. They are very creative and allow the user to play around with animation and sound, to get the desired splash page design they need!

A typical splash page contains minimal copy, a background image, and most importantly a link that takes the visitor to the main website. In Forbes’ example, the “continue to site” directs visitors to the homepage.

A splash page can be a welcome screen to the main website or a teaser that gets visitors excited for the website they’re about to view.

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