This Video Of The Night King Lip-Syncing To Drake Makes ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hilarious

There’s nothing more terrifying in Westeros than the deadly ice zombie known as the Night King, but the villain gave fans a rare moment of silliness recently. In a new video posted to the show’s Facebook page, YouTube star Lilly Singhadds some fun to the White Walker’s extensive make-up process by delivering a hilarious, high-energy lip-sync performance of Drake’s Passionfruit. The resulting Night King/Drake mashup videois stuff of pure magic. Seriously, if this is what those White Walkers are up to beyond the Wall, sign me up.

The impromptu lip-sync moment came during a ridiculously impressive makeup tutorial transforming Lilly Singh into the terrifying villain. The make-up job was so impressive, many commenters on the video thought Singh was actually one of the Night King actors, Richard Brake or Vladimir Furdik. But although Singh definitely looked the part, she certainly didn’t act it. Instead of giving us the icy, silent resolve the Night King is known for, Singh broke out into an exuberant lip-sync performance of Passionfruit by Drake, complete with handclaps, eye rolls, and some seriously fierce, Beyonc-level head movements. Check out the full mind-boggling Night King lip-sync below; it will definitely help you get over your White Walker fears.

The Night King getting ready to invade Westeros

The bit of fun and levity from the Night King is definitely welcome now more than ever, after his terrifying display of power in Sunday night’s new episode of. In the new episode, the penultimate of Season 7, the Night King displays the full breadth of his power by hurling a icy spear at one of Daenerys’ dragons with frightening accuracy. And that spear does what most fans assumed was impossible it actually kills the dragon. And things get even worse shortly afterwards when the Night King revives the zombie dragon as the newest and definitely most formidable addition to his White Walker ranks.

It sure doesn’t look like the Night King is going to be easing up any time soon on, but at least now you can just play Passionfruit and remember this silly video next time he gets too terrifying again.

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Marissa SafontThis Video Of The Night King Lip-Syncing To Drake Makes ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hilarious

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